Walking around Wales: Fundraising for Shelter Cymru

1048919_1437573139819020_6518883326523238442_oWe’ve been so inspired by Rebecca’s story that we had to share it!

On 1st March, Rebecca Morris left her home and began her ten week journey to walk around Wales to raise money for Shelter Cymru.

In her own words:

“I love walking and wanted a challenge. I have been passionate about the work of Shelter ever since I can remember. May be it is because much of my life I have been a walker with my tent on my back. I have been wet and cold on many occasions but it has been my choice and I have always had a lovely warm house to return to. When I decided to circumnaviagate the Welsh border it was obvious that the charity I would choose to benefit from my adventure would be Shelter Cymru.

I plan to walk all the way round Wales. Leaving home on St David’s day and walking North up Offa’s Dyke path to Prestatyn then all the way around the coast (including Anglesey) to Chepstow and finally along the southern half of Offa’s Dyke home to Llanfairwaterdine.

1050 miles and 10 weeks away from home! I’ll be staying in a variety of places-  some hostels, sometimes in a camper van with my husband or a friend and very often on my own in a tent.”

Rebecca has walked on farmland, mountains, forests and woods, rocky beaches, sandy beaches, promenades, piers, sand dunes, estuaries, main roads, country lanes, majestic clifftops, up hill, down dale.

For the last 60 days she has not been in a supermarket, made a shopping list, sat on a sofa, walked the dog, worn a dress, used an iron, watched television, worn wellies, been to the hairdresser- the list goes on!

Rebecca is predicted to finish her journey on 14th May, so there’s still time to sponsor her for this really important cause. Find out more about her journey here, and you can donate via her MoneyGiving page.


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