Women In Web’s Weekly Round-Up

WEEKLY ROUND UP TEMPWelcome to the latest instalment of Women In Web’s weekly round-up series.

This week we spoke to Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, Founder of Kruger Cowne. Kruger Cowne is one of Europe’s leading talent management agencies and speaker’s bureaus. Click here to find out more about Gina and her business.

We also featured Sydney Carver, aka Summer Wind. Sydney is the owner of the Summer Wind blog, and covers her life and interests in Pittsburgh on a daily basis. Click here to check out why Sydney loves blogging!

Other stories that caught our attention this week include…

National women in engineering day: the battle to be taken seriously

Women need to accentuate the positives to get on in business

Women’s nationality is the focus of new campaign for gender equality